Thank you + Patreon went up! :)

2016-10-04 15:07:51 by ConeZone

I wanna thank everyone for their kind comments and continued support on my animations and cartoon, it really means a lot! :D I've been animating for two years and it was an honor to make it to the front page just over the weekend, all the feedback and comments really give me motivation to continue plugging along and animating.

Now for the fun plug, :P, I did create a Patreon account a little while ago and was reluctant to share it but I figured there's no harm in trying. I work part time animating and at my retail job, any little bit of money that anyone can donate is super helpful to animating full time or being able to have money to pay for Adobe Flash and Illustrator every month.

If you don't feel like donating, no worries, sharing or watching any of my cartoons is more than I'd expect so I appreciate all the feedback, you guys are the best :D

Thanks again,



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2016-10-04 16:15:07

I'm already down for $5 a month, as long as I got the cash to spare. I'm not a big fan of memes, but your work is oddly charming, and I like the positive attitude you maintain, so I'm happy to help.

ConeZone responds:

It means a lot man, thanks a billion, I'll make sure to go light on the meme sauce, haha. :D Makes life easier for animating!


2016-10-05 16:54:42

No, you do what you think is best. Go full-on memelord, if that is your desire.


2016-10-06 16:37:48

Congrats on the frontpage! And first contributor!

ConeZone responds:

Thanks so much man, it gives me so much motivation to keep going! :D