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I "animate" cartoons about (mostly) vidya games on here! There's only one rule I live by, HAVE A GOOD TIME DUDE! Mah Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/C0NEZ0NE

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ConeZone's News

Posted by ConeZone - March 22nd, 2018


Preview picture of my next cartoon I've been wanting to work on for awhile and I finally have the idea and character design down! Still have a bit of work to do to finish it off, but I'm back on the wagon, or off the wagon and animating again! :D


Enjoy your week, fellow compadres! :D




Posted by ConeZone - January 4th, 2018

I know that this dumb reference is gonna go over people's heads (or bongs for that matter, hehe), just drew some fanart after watching a little bit of the Yugioh GX marathon on Twitch. :P My favorite character Belowski with his chill comrade, Moki Moki. Hehehe don't worry man it's all legal at the Duel Academy...



Posted by ConeZone - December 1st, 2017


Hohoho, happy first of December, friends! I hope everyone is having a good holiday season and blowing insane amounts of cash on gifts for others (or yourself!) :P I've been playing a lot of Odyssey and finally nearing the end, love all of it and it's given me a couple of ideas for a new cartoon; still working on a few ideas to iron out but I'm in the early stages!

Everyone's favorite BLAZING fast Koopa, Koopa the Quick (might not actually be his name in Odyssey) and his best bro, Mayro joining forces and racing the day away. :>

Hope everyone has a good weekend, as always I have a Patreon for anyone interested in supporting some of this meme-riffic cartoons:





Posted by ConeZone - November 1st, 2017


Posted by ConeZone - October 17th, 2017


Happy October fellow coneheads!

I hope you're all having a great month and spooktacular month and are playing a bunch of gr8 games m8!! Cuckhead is a stellar game, and with Dub Man it's a pretty awesome co-op experience, I definitely recommend it for anyone that's a fan of STUPIDLY hard games or that loves this art style! It makes you definitely want to play and keep trying, haha.

Happy Tuesday everyone!





Posted by ConeZone - August 1st, 2017

Happy August everybody!

How have you all been? You all look thin and tan and relaxed, I'm glad to see! :P Just checking in with a post to let everyone know I am about halfway done with my latest Sanic cartoon that is based around the hottest upcoming game: Sonic Forces. I have a few images for any curious eyes, as always I appreciate any reading/browsing/ignoring my posts; I seem to have a bad habit of shutting myself in the dark while working on cartoons. Light is good every once in awhile!

As always I have a Patreon for anyone interested in funding the horrible meme brigade that are my cartoons!


Everyone keep on enjoying your cool and blue summers! :D


Posted by ConeZone - June 29th, 2017

I'm sure everyone here as heard of the upcoming Sonic games; Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces! :3 I'm just curious what people thought what would make for a funnier cartoon between the two games.


yeah GaaatTTTaaaa GGGgoooooooo FFFaaaaSSStttt

Posted by ConeZone - April 30th, 2017

I almost forgot about this one, it was a blast to make! It's nice to animate something when you can be really sloppy :D as always feel free to view it and let me know what you thinkg if you're interested! And I have a Patreon for anyone interested as well if you wanna help with the creation of the meme magic 8)



Posted by ConeZone - April 7th, 2017



New animation out by yours truly, took me under a month to animate which, for me, is a new record at least! Feeling good about the artwork and feeling like I improved in some of the animations. Anyways, enjoy if you...I hope! :D I also have a Patreon for anyone interested in my work and interested in supporting me, if not no worries! :D


More cartoons!

Mah Tweeter!

Posted by ConeZone - February 26th, 2017