New Yooka Laylee cartoon out

2017-04-30 15:55:57 by ConeZone

I almost forgot about this one, it was a blast to make! It's nice to animate something when you can be really sloppy :D as always feel free to view it and let me know what you thinkg if you're interested! And I have a Patreon for anyone interested as well if you wanna help with the creation of the meme magic 8)


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2017-04-30 23:08:46

I backed the game, and Playtonic delivered what they promised. Too much so. They brought back classic 3D platforming, warts and all. Once I receive all the achievements in Soda Dungeon, I'm going after that DLC on Shovel Knight, and then I'll play Yooka-Laylee. I mostly backed it to get the soundtrack from Grant Kirkhope. I'm a sucker for VG music.

Thanks for the video, Sir Cone, and Happy Pico Day, as well! <3