Sonic Forces/Sonic Mania animation idea?

2017-06-29 19:42:03 by ConeZone

I'm sure everyone here as heard of the upcoming Sonic games; Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces! :3 I'm just curious what people thought what would make for a funnier cartoon between the two games.


yeah GaaatTTTaaaa GGGgoooooooo FFFaaaaSSStttt


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2017-06-29 19:51:27

I'd say a custom Sonic Forces character that looks 90% like sonic meeting the real sonic and trying to prove to him that he's the real sonic and the real sonic is fake, and as usual, having it end with both of them explode all the way to the sun and having pictures of real hedgehogs show up on the sun, would be pretty funny.


2017-06-29 20:12:51


Listen to the cat. He's your ally.


2017-06-29 21:40:24

Yes, i'm your ally like @Phronemophobia said. we're both cats, you can trust me :)

ConeZone responds:

Yes, brother, I'm glad we're on the same wavelength! ;D


2017-06-30 18:33:13

You're both cats with terrifying stare faces.

I guess if you wanted to be offensively gross, you could also have the custom character be more like an actual Sonic OC, giving the creation a sick fetish or excessively terrible appearance to creep out both modern and classic Sonic. Male pregnancy, both kinds of genitalia, multiple arms, super muscular and/or morbidly obese, multicolored hair, Heterochromia with unusual pupils, a strong desire for vore... yeah, that would be the sort of original hero a true fan of the Sonic series would want to have in Forces.