Animation update+ Sanic storyboard

2017-08-01 04:53:37 by ConeZone

Happy August everybody!

How have you all been? You all look thin and tan and relaxed, I'm glad to see! :P Just checking in with a post to let everyone know I am about halfway done with my latest Sanic cartoon that is based around the hottest upcoming game: Sonic Forces. I have a few images for any curious eyes, as always I appreciate any reading/browsing/ignoring my posts; I seem to have a bad habit of shutting myself in the dark while working on cartoons. Light is good every once in awhile!

As always I have a Patreon for anyone interested in funding the horrible meme brigade that are my cartoons!

Everyone keep on enjoying your cool and blue summers! :D



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2017-08-01 19:19:07

We love you, Cone.

...Sanic's feet look professional and highly detailed. You didn't trace them, did you?


2017-08-02 11:27:32

What @Phronemophobia said.
Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.


2017-09-17 11:48:05

It's scary how something that's supposed to look bad has this much effort put in to it. Amazing!

ConeZone responds:

I know it shocks me how much I worked into getting this to look terrible but just the right amount of awful, haha. Well, thanks for the kind comment! :D