New Zeldo breath of the wild cartoon!

2017-04-07 16:40:28 by ConeZone


New animation out by yours truly, took me under a month to animate which, for me, is a new record at least! Feeling good about the artwork and feeling like I improved in some of the animations. Anyways, enjoy if you...I hope! :D I also have a Patreon for anyone interested in my work and interested in supporting me, if not no worries! :D


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2017-04-07 19:45:18

It does, indeed, look better than your previous (non-roto'd) videos, and it relies a bit less on memes and more on your excessively positive attitude. Your voice acting sounds better, and the script is a step up from your Pokemon video, too. You're achieving all sorts of new personal bests with this one, aren't ya? Almost makes me wish I knew how to animate... or, at least, set up my VA equipment and learn how to use that, but then the backlog of video games wouldn't get touched, and I'm currently trying to finish Woolly World, so that I can start in on the Spectre Knight DLC of Shovel Knight, and move on into Yooka-Laylee (which I backed), and I still need to find time this year to tackle FF9, which I bought last year with full intent to complete before 2018. In a nutsack... or shell (whichever), I'll just leave the aminaminating of Conetoons to you, because I already have a lot of not-actually-important-but-it's-important-to-me-kinda-but-not-really stuff on my metaphorical plate that I received from a metaphorical grandmother who was something of a metaphorical pack rat. Metaphorically speaking (typing), of course.

I made brownies. Help yourself.

We love you, Adam, if that's your name. I mix up and/or forget names a lot. Frequently. All the time. Because my memory is terrible. Awful. Horrib... shit, where did these brownies come from? Oh well. Mine now! You should have one. I'll brew us some tea to go with them.