Cuphead fan (f)art! :D

2017-10-17 10:44:21 by ConeZone


Happy October fellow coneheads!

I hope you're all having a great month and spooktacular month and are playing a bunch of gr8 games m8!! Cuckhead is a stellar game, and with Dub Man it's a pretty awesome co-op experience, I definitely recommend it for anyone that's a fan of STUPIDLY hard games or that loves this art style! It makes you definitely want to play and keep trying, haha.

Happy Tuesday everyone!






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2017-10-17 10:54:40

Happy October! Are you gonna make a Cuphead fanimation?

ConeZone responds:

Oh, hey, thanks for the response, Tom! Yeah for sure, I'd love to make one, would you be interested in seeing a Cuphead fanimation? :D


2017-10-17 15:23:13

That's a really silly art, but i like it! I also love Cuphead.

ConeZone responds:

Hahah thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it! :D


2017-10-18 08:48:25

I think it sounds like a fun idea!


2017-10-18 09:15:15

Nice art! also, i'd be interested in seeing a Cuphead fan animation too!


2017-10-25 00:54:41

#dabnation :P