Cone-Tacular Patreon + Updated Rewards! :D

2016-11-07 15:40:09 by ConeZone


Instead of doing a usual sizzle reel, I crafted a new cartoon talking about my new Patreon and actually putting some effort into the page! :D I don't expect anyone to donate but, I hope people can enjoy the cartoon at least, I mean it has a cat smoking some of dat og bubba kush, how bad can it be? :P As always, I appreciate everyone checking out my animations with kind comments/talking booty! :D




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2016-11-07 16:39:12

I'm allergic to cats. Adorable creatures. I just can't hug and snuggle the life out of them. The combination of self-promotion and standardized humor was what made me feel embarrassed for the cartoon. The amount of effort put into animating a video just for that purpose, however, was impressive. Then, there was the moment I took my eyes away from the cat and spotted the trophy in the background. The sight of it caught me off guard and I started laughing. Good work on that. I seldom laugh out loud for any reason. Usually, I just smile momentarily.

ConeZone responds:

Yeah, I know what you mean, I hate the self promotion, lmao, however I thought some humor would balance it out. Thanks again for the comment! :D