New Pokémon cartoon is out!

2017-02-02 15:41:38 by ConeZone

Heya fellow, Coneheads, I animated a Pokemon cartoon that I hope you all will enjoy! It took me two months, probably the most voice acting I've had to do on an animation; I actually had to learn to say a line decently! D: If you like Rowlet, I think you'll all get a kick out of this!


I hope you all enjoy, I have a Patreon too for anyone interested! :D


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2017-02-02 17:14:34

You need some voice actors. You can't be stretching your talent thin by drawing, animating, AND voicing your stuff. Poor Zone is working himself too hard. And poor Popplio. People mad cause it's rarely a girl.

That fuckin' bird dabbed after beating his ass. It wasn't necessary, but you tossed that into the video anyhow. It was beautiful.

ConeZone responds:

Aww shucks, look at this guy!! Thanks man, kind words make it all worthwhile! :coolface:

Dude thanks for noticing that dab, it took me awhile to animate but I had to do it! Dabbing is gonna die out soon anyway :P