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I am always grateful and appreciate the new followers! Promise to have more cartoons uploaded in the future. If you want any more cartoons or information about me, I have a Youtube account I'm more active with! :D


Thanks all!

Uploading some past cartoons!

2015-09-19 02:43:54 by ConeZone

Excited to finally be able to upload some cartoons onto Newgrounds! :D :D HYOIPE!

Heya everyone! :D I signed up into Newgrounds recently but I never took the time to introduce myself so I wanted to say hey to everyone involved. I'm ConeZone, I'm an aspiring animator and I'm looking to improve any of my cartoons. I also am obsessed with cats which is my greatest weakness or...possibly my greatest strength? :O

Here a few of my "works" if anyone was interested to see what I've animated before. :)


Good finally making a post. :) Hope to see you all around too!